Thursday, November 16, 2006

Put it in RSS

Something that has been annoying me for a while is the lack of companies and industry bodies that don't put their news and press releases in an RSS feed. Or if they do require you to register. This post goes out to them.

I will say this slowly. Put. Your. Press Releases. Into. A. Feed. And make it public available. The purpose (and please correct me if I am wrong) of a press release is to make an announcement that reaches as many people as possible. The very fact you do not put your press releases in a feed restricts the number of people who can see.

Nor do I wont to register and receive emails. I just want an RSS feed with your press releases. There is absolutely no benefit for me to register for your press releases. Registering is only useful when the user gets a service out of it. Press releases are not a service.

It is even more nonsensical for industry bodies not to put press releases in a RSS feed. The whole point on an industry body is to act as advocate and communicate with society. Making it difficult for me to get hold of press releases is not the way to do it. I do not want to have to visit your site to check. I do not want to have to work at it. Nor do I want to register to get an email. I get enough already.

I'll say it again. Put your press releases in a RSS feed.

Tags: RSS, Marketing, PR