Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Building the Product Management Community

For the last 2 years I've been organising ProductCampLondon and ProductTank in order to build the product management community in London and the UK. In that time we've grown from the first small events to sell outs every time. We've also expanded ProductTank to other cities holding them in Manchester, UK; New York City, USA; and Austin, Texas.

To knit the community together we created the blog to be a place where product managers can share and read about product management in between the events. The feedback on the blog has been great and has proved very useful in surfacing knowledge and lessons learned stuck in people's heads.

The product management community is growing and maturing rapidly certainly in London and with this growth has come the need for a flagship event that brings great product managers together from around the world to share, discuss and learn from each other. There has long been conferences for developers, UX and designers and entrepreneurs, but nothing on the practice of product management.

Seeing the problem we did what all good product managers do, came up with a solution and implemented it. That solution being a 1-day event on the business of product management - MindTheProduct 2012. The tickets are on sale now (early birds are all gone sorry).

We hope to see you there!