Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A brilliant but simple idea - SlideShare

The best ideas always are aren't they?

Today, Uzanto launched a second service called SlideShare. Essentially, it allows the user to take a already generated powerpoint or openoffice slide pack (doesn't seem to support Keynote yet although a help note says to export to PPT). The user can then share these slide packs with other users and embed them on other sites.

The embed is a flash movie making usable on a majority of social networking sites and viewable in most if not all browsers. The service seems to use Amazon's S3 service.

Just as YouTube has many similar competitors, I expect other presentation services to popup with a similar system. It will be interesting to see who wins. I expect SlideShare has a good start with a working service that is easily used that is compatible with a social networks and a majority of the web.

Tags: SlideShare, Web Services, Social Networks


Badri said...

when i first came across slideshare, i thought it was more an extension to a yahoo directory. but as i waded through it, I saw enormous possibilities.

Suddenly, I realized that I can upload my presentation on slideshare and send the link to my peers and friends. they could look at it and give me feedback and inputs without me having to clog their bandwidth by sending the entire presentation as an email attachment.

great way to go!

Badri said...

oops! when I read my own comment, i realized my faux pas. i wanted to mention 'yahoo briefcase' but typed 'yahoo directory'