Friday, July 20, 2007

Facebook - the next x?

The blogsphere has oscillated between hysteria and backlash against Facebook since the release of the Facebook platform. Some have asked, what is so special about Facebook while others have breathlesssly compared Facebook to Google, Apple & Microsoft.

Now, I personally think the underlying value of Facebook is enormous. However, capturing that value or more accurately realising that value for both the company and users is going to be difficult. More importantly, this will be massively more difficult while people keep talking about Facebook being the next "wunderkin."

Put another way, Facebook is not and never will be Google or Apple or Microsoft or any other wunderkin company. It will be its own wunderkin company that charts a new direction for the industry just as the others have before it. Any punter that talks about Facebook being the next x, will completely and thoroughly miss what Facebook is and will achieve. Do not trust them. These punters are still stuck in the old world and will fail to see the new world.


Hooman Radfar said...

I like that idea - punter. :)

HA HA HA. Fair points. My goal was simply to convey that Facebook was en route to becoming an industry defining public company.

Simon Cast said...

Quite true. Facebook, is as you say, on route to being an industry defining company.

The questions is how and in what way? I really think it is too early to say how this will play out.