Friday, October 10, 2008

The Crisis Makes the Leader

Brad Feld wrote an excellent post about leadership for entrepreneurs. Fred Wilson re-posted a quote to his blog. Core is that time is now for leadership.

Until now leadership has been easy. It always is in good times. The current crisis will test the leadership skills of entrepreneurs. To paraphrase – the crisis makes the leader. This test is not going to be easy and I am sure it is going to find a lot of entrepreneurs found wanting. I hope that VCs and angel investors will step up to crease to back stop the entrepreneurs.

On the upside it will forge some great leaders that will be of huge benefit to the industry and society once we get out the other side. Something we sorely lack today.

For now it is the time to for entrepreneurs to step out in front their people, swallow their fear and charge forward. Now is the time to lead from the front.