Sunday, November 09, 2008

Could the Guardian Media Group be the New York Time’s white knight?

I was talking to Seamus McCauley last night about newspaper problems with specific reference to New York Times problem. Today Silicon Alley Insider has an interesting post looking at New York Times financial problems.

One of the points made last night was the shift to global news brands that are less tied to specific media channel. The BBC and the Guardian Media Group are both representative of this trend. New York Times faces a tough choice about how to pull itself out of the hole that it finds itself in.

One possible remedy is sale of New York Times but there are few other media companies around with the general strength to save the New York Times. Guardian Media Group (GMG) is one of the few. A purchase of New York Times by GMG would fit with the expressed desire of GMG to expand its US presence and the New York Times would provide GMG with a strong US news brand with the attendant benefits.

New York Times would benefit from the GMG’s unusual corporate structure and becoming part of a news group pursuing an interesting and innovative multi-platform strategy for news.

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