Monday, December 08, 2008

Answering API requests or not (QOOP)

Pages in a bookImage via WikipediaOk in this day and age, it shouldn't, nay, mustn't take 2 business days (and counting) to respond to a request for an API key. Unfortunately, that is what QOOP is doing.

I fail to understand why they do not have an automated system for generating API keys so developers can get started integrating QOOP into their sites. Even if the key is restricted in usage, the verfication of commercial intent can happend later. But it is vital that any company offering an API make it dead simple to get started. Doing otherwise is simply the creation of a needless barrier to entry and will drive potential partners to competitors that don't have that barrier.

Honestly, this is simple stuff. You can't rely on human vetting in an environment like the internet. People do not scale, automation does.

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