Sunday, December 11, 2005

Come all yea faithful

The Geek Dinner Dec 2005 was held last night in London. With roughly 100 plus people turning up it was a good evening. For me it was great to meet the people behind many of the blogs. The special guest was Robert Scoble with many who had attended the Les Blogs conference as well as those attending the Global Voices summit.

The dinner was held at the Texas Embassy Cantina near Trafalgar Square. The night began, as these things usually do, slowly with people trickling in by ones and twos. By 8 the room was a seething hive a geekiness and empty wine bottles. Nor did the night escape without controversy. Following Les Blogs Jo Twist created buttons with Ben Metcalfe's now famous (or infamous) IRC comment printed on them. But what is an evening without a little controversy?

The evening included a meal which filled up the cracks between the wine and beer. Dinner was time very well and very tastey. Somewhere during the night several speeches where made but I can't remember what they were about. I found the speakers impossible to hear.

After being kicked out of the Texas Embassy those still standing went to a champagne bar to continue the night. I personally didn't get home till about 5.

Thank you to the organisers, to Hugh McLeod who supplied the wine from Stormhoek and Microsoft for picking up half the tab for the evening.

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