Thursday, December 01, 2005

RSS and Press Releases

RSS is an excellent method for distributing press releases on the Internet. A fact that some larger companies (Microsoft, Google and CISCO all have pages with an RSS feed of their press releases) have already recognised.

Where RSS press release distribution will have the greatest impact is for small businesses. RSS allows small business to avoid the high costs associated with a PR distribution company that often goes only to professional journalists and media publications. Often an audience not interested in a small business' press release

By using RSS to distribute press releases small business now has the Internet as an audience. A larger audience, the more likely someone will be interested. Using RSS also enables Yahoo! and Google to easily collect a company's press release and add it to their business news pages. RSS increases the likelyhood that a companies press release will be noticed. The essential purpose of a press release.

Companies, small businesses in particular, should distribute their press releases by RSS. But the trend needs to be started. The best people to start the trend are the VCs like Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, Brad Feld of Mobius Partners and Jeff Nolan of SAP Ventures. They are able encourage their portfolio companies to put their press releases into a RSS feed and become the start point for the meme to spread to every company on the Internet.

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